Greg Yates

Certified Health and Performance Coach

We Coach Healthy Habits

Get Rid of the Head-Trash!

You can have a Healthy Body - Mind - Relationships - Faith - & Finances

I help Leaders Accelerate Results, Eliminate Restrictions & Live an UNENCUMBERED LIFE through Coaching, Masterminding, & Networking in 

"My Practice Zone" 


Its time to RISE UP and be who you were created to be. 

I can’t help you till you commit – but if you commit I won’t let you fail.

This is just me speaking from the heart on my back deck. 


Head Trash is that internal voice, blocking your decision-making and lying about what you’re capable of. Head Trash disguises itself as 'truth' and sabotages your potential.

You will perform how you train. It's time to train in a Head-Trash Free Zone! 


That’s what working with me is all about!

  • Eliminate slippage and get immediate traction!

    Nothing destroys your potential like Head-Trash! I'll show you how to get rid of it and create momentum that gets RESULTS. 

  • Recognize the 5 Lies of Head-Trash and FLIP them on their head!

    I'll help you clarify your Definition of Success... and identify the catalyst to achieve it. 

  • Be part of My Leadership Practice Zone!

    Have your own Trusted Advisers and a Network of Successful Leaders as your "Secret Weapon".

    Isolation is the Enemy of Excellence!

All the Tools You Need to Get Rid of the Head-Trash

BELOW are some AWESOME ways to connect on your journey to The Practice Zone where Head-Trash doesn't exist!

  • Connect with a free strategy call to experience the power of connection to a Mastermind Coach.

  • A "virtual" Board of Directors where you can Break-Free from Head-Trash while building a powerful network.

  • When it's time to ACCELERATE, you need traction. Get rid of the Head-Trash contamination that's creating drama and distraction. That's what we're here for!

It's time to learn what you're capable of !

Your Mission is REAL... and you have what it takes!

Break Free from the Circumstantial Lies that are holding you back!

Who's Greg Yates?

Greg helps leaders strip away the Head-Trash and Lies of Circumstance to get Unstoppable Traction with their teams. Over 30 years owning more than a dozen businesses at once approaching 1000 employees, you’ll learn from Greg’s Epic Successes and Failures what it takes to get Total Buy-In and a Brand-Consistent Culture with your people. 

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